Fruit & Yogurt Flower

fleur-yaourtFruit & Yogurt Flower

1 Pot of yogurt
1 slice of orange
3 tbs of chocolate cereal
1 green apple
3 strawberries
1 cube of mango (or you can use a pice of orange to do the flower center)

  1. serve the yogurt in a small round bowl (or a ramekin)
  2. cut the strawberries in 6 and place them over the yogurt to form the flower
  3. cut by half the orange slice
  4. cut the green apple in two, use the widest part to do the stem and the borders to do the leaves
  5. place the apple below the yogurt bowl placing the leaves at each side
  6. place the slices of orange at the bottom, then the chocolate cereal
  7. Let them enjoy their breakfast !

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